5- day Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari

Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda, Sebun Foto This safari takes you to Queen Elizabeth National Park in western Uganda. Apart from traditional game drives you will get the chance to go chimp tracking, to take a safari boat cruise, to see tree climbing lions and much more.

Duration: 5 days/ 4 nights


Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Travel to the west, stop overs at equator and local drum maker workshopDrum maker Uganda Sebun Foto

We leave Kampala/Entebbe in the morning for our journey towards western Uganda. Our first stop on the way will be at a workshop of local instrument makers. Here you’ll see how traditional drums, fiddles, shakers and other instruments are made. As our journey continues west, we pass the equator. We make a short stopover at the equator, giving you the unique opportunity to be in both northern and southern hemisphere at the same time!



Day 2: Game drive and Safari boat launch

We kick the day off with an early morning game drive. Be prepared to wake up before dawn – best chances of seeing the big cats are when the sun is barely up yet, so it’s all about being out on safari early enough! Other animals you might see include elephants, buffaloes, different antelopes, hippos, many different types of bird among others.
After this exciting morning, you’ll get some time to relax and eat lunch before heHippos, Rod Waddingtonading to the Kazinga channel, a natural connection between lakes George and Edward. You’ll take a boat safari along the shores of the channel, giving you opportunity to see hundreds of hippos, crocodiles, elephants, and different species of bird among others.




Day 3: Game drive and chimp tracking

We’ll start the day with an early morning game drive again, taking you through a different area of the park and giving you opportunity to see animals we might have missed the previous day.
After some relaxing and eating lunch, we head to Kyambura Gorge, a 100mChimp lying, Rod Waddington deep valley with rain forest that sits between the park’s golden savannahs. You’ll hike through the forest looking for our closest relatives: chimpanzees. Your guide will track the chimps, listening to their cries and sounds and other hints. Once you find them you get to spend about an hour with them, observing them in their natural habitat go about their daily lives.

After the chimp tracking, we drive down to the Ishasha sector of the park, which is famous for its tree climbing lions.

Day 4: Tree climbing lions and nature walk along Ishasha river

We start the day off with a game drive on the lookout for tree climbing lions. The southern Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to about 40 lions, split across three prides. These lions are famous for their habit of climbing on trees, a behavior usually unheard of (in fact, the only other tree climbing lions in Africa are found in a park in Tanzania). The reason for this behavior is unclear. Some say, it developed as a result of an epidemic of biting flies that cause the lions to escape up into the trees, and then became culturally ingrained among the lions in Ishasha.

In the afternoon, you go for a walk along Ishasha river. The forests along the shore are home to black-and-white colobus monkey, busbuck and an interesting variety of bird. You’ll get a chance to get exceptionally close to hippo that can frequently be seen in and at the river while remaining perfectly safe on the raised banks of the river.

Day 5: Travel back to Kampala

After a relaxed breakfast, we start on our journey back to Kampala. This time it will take us through south western Uganda with its rolling hills and scenic views. We’ll reach Kampala in the late afternoon/ evening and drop you off at a location of your choice.

We offer 3-day and 4-day tours to Queen Elizabeth National Park as well, and our 12-day Uganda Highlights tour does include Queen Elizabeth too.
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